Dean M. Chriss

Trump - One Year Later
Saturday January 20, 2018

Radioactive Waste, Superfund Site, Moab, Utah
Radioactive Waste, Moab Utah Superfund Site

I never expected Donald Trump to be a good President but I thought he might not be the worst we ever had. I was wrong. One year in office has proven him to be the most divisive, incompetent, immature, vile, hateful, and arrogant liar to ever hold the office. With no substance, no core values, and no integrity, Trump has dragged the Presidency into the sewer and trashed America's prestige around the world. Even worse, his constant stream of lies and despicable statements has desensitized people to this outrageous behavior. Trump's conduct is abnormal by any standard and people everywhere should continue to recognize that. We should demand more from a President.

As I write this Trump's self-proclaimed deal making skills have fallen short and the U.S. Government is shut down. With a master deal maker as President and his party controlling all three branches of government, that's amazing. Also as I write this, The Wall Street Journal reports that Trump's personal lawyer formed a private company just before the 2016 election to pay $130,000 in exchange for a porn star's silence about her alleged 2006 relationship with him. He is also accused of sexual misconduct by 19 women and is on video bragging about being able to grab the genitals of various women because he is famous. Trump's party and supporters are willing to overlook all of this. They also have no problem with the fact that Trump averaged between 5 and 6 verifiably false statements (lies) per day during his first year in office, yet they claim the moral high ground. That would be funny if it was not true. Trump either knows he is constantly lying and is therefore a pathological liar or he believes what he says and is therefore mentally incompetent. The diabolical nature of his actions in office indicate the former.

Trump appointed Ryan Zinke to head the Interior Department and destroy it from within. The goal is industrial exploitation of America's National Parks and other public lands, and much legislative "progress" has been made toward that goal. Similarly, Trump appointed Scott Pruit, who spent his career suing the EPA, to head that agency. He has already replaced most scientists with shills from industry. This along with "administration priorities" has changed EPA's the role to that of protecting industry over people and the environment. Trump and his party have also been attempting to block studies of global warming for ideological reasons. It is dangerous for everyone when politicians control what Americans can know and discover. In Trumpworld politics and profitability, not science, determine scientific facts. In fact Trump is the first president since Franklin Roosevelt to not have a science advisor. References to things like clean and renewable energy and climate change have been wiped from the government vocabulary and websites. As the rest of the world progresses to shape the future in these and other areas America regresses into the past, propping up antiquated industries and trashing any notion of sustainability. Trump has "drained the swamp" and filled it with his own brand of slime from the world of crony capitalism. He and his administration are selling the soul of America in an already booming economy out of pure and unbridled greed. Even if one believes that Trump is a good businessman in spite of all his bankruptcies, he is certainly a failure as President and as a decent human being.