Where to Stay and Eat in Bluff, Utah
November 8, 2008

I did not expect to enjoy our stay at Decker House Inn because I believed it to be a typical small town "bed and breakfast". I have never been one who enjoys staying at these places because among other things I usually feel like I'm staying in the home of a stranger. That was not the case at Decker House. The proprietors live next door, all of their five rooms has its own private bathroom, and all but one room has its own outside entrance. We didn't have to tromp down a common hallway waking everyone in the place to go out hiking early. This alone was enough to satisfy me, but there's much more.
We spent 4 nights at this historic house and were wonderfully surprised with how comfortable it is. We had been travelling in the area for about 2 weeks and never expected to find such an oasis there. We felt welcomed from the moment we stepped into the sitting room. The innkeepers tend the place like one would tend a much loved project and they do a great job. They were very accommodating, packing breakfast in brown paper bags for us to take along when we set out for an early morning hike. You will never be treated with such kindness and consideration at most places. And if you decide to start your day late, the delicious breakfast prepared so meticulously by Kay is second to none. What a fine spread she puts out each morning from 8 to 9 AM. It was worth giving up a couple early morning hikes for this breakfast!
If you are going through Bluff and have a night to spend, this is the place to stay. The place is clean, well maintained, and all of the fixtures are first rate. My only problem was not being able to decide whether to go out exploring the area or spend time just sitting on the porch talking, reading, and petting one of the cats. This is a very unusual "problem" for me to have when traveling, especially when there is so much to explore in the area. If I had to describe this place with one word, it would be "relaxing". If I had two words they would be "very relaxing".
If you're staying at Decker House you'll need a place to eat lunch and dinner. There are several restaurants in Bluff, but you won't find anything better than the San Juan River Kitchen. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find a place this good in many larger cities. They serve fresh locally grown foods that are prepared with real skill. You just can't go wrong here.
Decker House Inn and the San Juan River Kitchen are both on our highly recommended list.


Happy travels!

Dean & Lee

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